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Transcona Veterinary Hospital is a full service animal hospital.  Our services include general appointments and examinations, vaccinations, senior health & wellness, ophthalmology, dentistry, endoscopy, general & specialized surgery, and a full service lab. Whatever the needs of your pet, we can provide the care & expertise that they will need.

Appointments & Vaccinations

Preventative healthcare is the best way to keep your pet healthy and happy.  An annual exam can identify issues that may require treatment, detect potential diseases early, and keep your pet on the road to good health.  Up-to-date vaccinations can keep your pet and your family protected.


Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy is a corrective procedure to repair cruciate ligament injuries.  This is a specialized knee surgery that can restore your dog's mobility. 
Dr. Karen Skakun at our practice is certified to perform this procedure.


Flexible endoscopy is a relatively non-invasive method of acquiring biopsies, cultures, and cytology samples from the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts of our pets.  It is also useful in appropriate cases for the removal of foreign bodies in the stomach.  These procedures are performed under general anesthesia.

Full Service Diagnostics & Lab

Our hospital is equipped to provide quick and accurate results for your pet with a full range of diagnostic instruments.  In-house blood analyzers allow for rapid diagnostics, while more extensive or specialized testing is sent out to several referral laboratories.  This allows us to meet your pet's healthcare needs in a timely manner.


Oral health is as important for your pet as it is for us.  Many diseases can arise from poor oral hygiene.  This may cause health problems in our pets that can be prevented with the proper approach to oral care.  We provide routine cleanings, extractions, dental radiographs and we are happy to demonstrate the proper use of brushes, rinses or chews.

Diagnostic Imaging

An integral part of diagnosing your pet's medical problems may include diagnostic imaging.  Digital radiology and ultrasound are complimentary procedures routinely used to gain deeper insight into your pets condition.  

General Surgery

Our pets, not unlike ourselves, may require surgery in their lifetime.  We provide a wide range of surgical procedures including spay or neutering, soft tissue surgery, endoscopy and orthopedic repairs.  Our veterinarians, along with Registered Veterinary Technicians, are there to provide excellent care and monitoring from the time your pet arrives for surgery until discharge.
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