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Assistants help our days run smoothly by assembling and sterilizing surgical packs, cleaning kennels, and providing animal restraint as well as lots of love!

Meet Our Assistants


Rhiannon Lightfoot


Rhiannon has been an assistant since 2016 and aspires to one day become a Registered Nurse.  In her spare time, she enjoys painting and spending time at the beach swimming.  She has a love for cats and sharks.

Raquel McCarthy


Raquel's love of all animals has motivated her to work at a local no kill rescue, before joining the TVH staff in 2019.  In her spare time she enjoys painting, drawing, and taking her dogs to the park.  She also loves to cook in her free time. 

Staff (Matthew).jpg

Matthew Brown


Matthew loves hockey and his favourite team is the Montreal Canadiens. He plays on a beer league team as a forward.  He also likes Delissio Pizza, dogs, cats, and thunderstorms.  


Avery Suchar


Avery has been an assistant at TVH since June 2022. She plans on taking the Registered Veterinary Technician course at Red River College. When she’s not at work she loves to play hockey, spend time at her lake, and go on runs with her dog Jersey. Avery also has a cat named Luna who can do tricks.


Serena Carter


Serena became an assistant in late 2022 and hopes to one day take the Registered Veterinary Technician course at Red River College.  She loves playing with her 4 cats and spending time with her horse.

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